It was during the victory celebrations at an East London pub quiz that five individuals with a common taste for trivia, riddles and science decided to start a band. Derryn, Rob, Filipe, Darren and Phil are Under the Sun. They come from different countries, have diverse musical influences and disagree on who the best Beatle is, yet they have a knack of writing songs that you want to listen to. They sing about girls and commuting, things they care about and things they don't. Their blend of rock doesn't conform to any one sub-genre but instead creates a sound that's new, yet somehow familiar. The band's nature and allure are perfectly captured in their name.


After all, we are all Under the Sun.


The band's new E.P. Neither Here Nor There is available now to download from all major online stores.


For upcoming gigs, follow them on Facebook at http://facebook.com/underthesunuk 


For bookings, contact them at info@bandunderthesun.co.uk